There comes a time in every financial planner’s life when coaching, mentoring or training will be invaluable. You might:

  • Be starting a new business and keen to make sure you take the right path
  • Own a more mature business but looking to pivot in a different direction
  • A self-employed planner battling with the constraints of a larger organisation

Whatever your challenge, our agile approach ensures you get exactly what you need from working with us with measurable outcomes to demonstrate the return you’ve had from your investment in coaching.

Who is our coaching for?

We typically work with:

  • Business owners, from start-ups to owners of more mature businesses
  • Self-employed sole practitioners

All our clients have a high degree of self-determination in what they do and how they do it.

What can we work on?

Anything you want to!

To help you understand what’s possible, here are some objectives we’ve previously worked on with other financial planners:

  • Developing a well-structured client discovery and on-boarding process to convert as many of the right prospects into ongoing clients as possible
  • Honing your first meeting skills to ensure a large proportion of prospects agree to develop a plan
  • Improving the structure and consistency of your first meetings
  • How to build a business which delivers the ‘promises’ that you make in the first meeting
  • Presenting the financial plan
  • Discussing fees and demonstrating value
  • Transitioning existing clients from engaging with a transactional service to financial planning
  • Helping you set-up and establish a new business from scratch
  • Help you to break even financially
  • Help with developing professional relationships
  • General business mentoring and coaching covering planning, efficiency, client experience, pricing, practice management etc
  • Assistance in becoming a better lifestyle financial planner
  • Becoming better at selling yourself
  • Building a better marketing proposition
  • Sharing best practice, so our clients learn from each other
  • Looking to the long term to ensure that the business is profitable, doesn’t solely rely on you and will be sellable in 10-15 years

These are just examples. If the challenge you need help with isn’t listed, get in touch and we’ll tell you if we can help.

Why choose to work with us?

  • Our coaches are EMCC recognised
  • We are an Accredited Training Partner of the CISI and an Accredited Training Partner to support the level 7 case study part of the Certified Financial Planner qualification.
  • We’ve run successful financial planning practices, we’ve been where you are and have faced the same challenges as you.
  • Our coaching is focused on results and driving significant change in you, and your business. We are passionate about ensuring that change is measurable. We want you to see the results for your investment!

What results have others achieved?

  • "I'm a lot clearer on the future direction of the business, and how to ensure we are really making a difference, and adding value to our clients well beyond the fees we’re charging."
    - Antony Smith, Providus Financial
  • I was looking to review my onboarding process to make it more streamlined and ensure that less time was spent on clients who didn’t wish to fully commit. We reviewed how I worked and then altered our meeting structure to get a greater and more satisfying level of engagement. We’ve also augmented the process to make greater use of technology. Clients now pay a fee prior to us undertaking any planning and the number of referrals from those new clients has been an unexpected surprise."
    - Gianpaolo Mantini, Higgins Fairbairn Advisory
  • "I cannot express how valuable Steve’s advice and mentoring have been. He is easy to talk to and has pushed me to make many great choices for my business. Examples include, hiring an administrator, which has been fantastic for me, reducing stress and giving me more time to work on the important things in the business. He also helped with my investment proposition, first meetings, and what financial planning means to people. Since moving to become directly authorised, and engaging with Steve, I have built my business three or four times quicker, and larger, than I thought I would. In the two years I’ve worked with Steve, I have three times as many clients as I had predicted"
    - Rupert Miller, Bramley Financial Planning
  • “I worked with Damien for around 6 months and the help he’s given me has completed changed my approach to financial planning. I learned that my processes were not client focused enough and were more about covering compliance issues rather than delivering what clients actually wanted.My initial meeting > financial planning > implementation meeting ratios were very poor, however, since working with Damien and using the processes and techniques he’s shared, these ratios have improved significantly. I also feel far more confident about my role in clients lives as a true financial planner.”
    - Marco Vallone, Founder & Director, Brighton Financial

What next?

Our coaching is based on rolling six-session blocks of 90 minutes, with each session charged at £500.
At the end of each block, we will review progress/success against our agreed objectives. If you wish to continue, we will carry on with another set of six sessions.
However, before either of us commit, it’s important that you'll have the right coach and we work with the right clients. Book for an initial call with Steve so we'll understand your needs and which of our coaches is the best fit to help you

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