1 to 1 Coaching Program

6 sessions


* Online coaching via Zoom £500pm
* Face to Face £750 pm in our offices
* In your office or other offices £1000 pm plus expenses

*6 x 90min session program over 6 months only*

The Program

The coaching program is based on rolling 6 session block, at the end of which we will review progress / success against our agreed objectives. If you wish to continue at the end of the block, we will carry on with another set of 6 sessions.


Here are some sample objectives:

  • Develop a well-structured client discovery and on-boarding process so that we convert as many of the right prospects into ongoing clients
  • Assess current annual planning meetings to help reduce amount of time spent working.
  • Honing the skills for the first meeting and why we should move to the next steps of getting a plan developed
  • Improving the structure and consistency of how the first meeting is run
  • How to evolve existing clients from a transaction service to a financial planning service
  • Presenting the clients with a financial plan
  • Discussing fees and demonstrating value
  • How to build a business to deliver on the ‘promises’ that we make in the first meeting
  • Support for setting up and establishing a new business from scratch
  • Help us reach a break-even point
  • Help with developing professional relationships
  • How to provide a long-term service that people will pay for whilst receiving substantial value
  • General business mentoring and coaching, planning, efficiency, client experience, pricing, practice management etc
  • Help me become a better lifestyle financial planner
  • Become better at selling myself
  • Assistance with building a better marketing proposition given current constraints
  • What have you/your other clients done that worked, and how did you go about doing it
  • Feeling happy and relaxed knowing that the business is profitable, doesn’t solely rely on me and will be sellable in 10-15 years

To discuss further, please book a 30 minute meeting via Calendly with
Steve Martin
Damien Rylett