CFP™ Level 7 Case Study Preparation Course – Video Course

Taina Austin

November 27, 2023 10:00 am - November 1, 2025 10:31 am

Who is the course for?

This course is to help prepare those who are going to sit the CFP™ level 7 case study.

What pre-existing knowledge is required?

Having a good grasp of how to use Excel and prepare financial calculations including TVM is essential. You will also have already passed the Level 6 Advanced Financial Planning examination.

What does it cover?

The CFP™ is the most difficult assessment you will undertake.

This course will cover

  • Common mistakes which candidates make resulting in their plan failing due to a misunderstanding of the process.
  • Understanding the markers expectations with regard to framing and structuring the plan in line with Financial Planning Process Map
  • The assumptions provided to you and the principles that need to be followed to make further assumptions
  • A detailed analysis of the standards that you are required to meet
  • The example plan and what lesson you can learn for your own plan

You will work on your own case study during the course and should expect to have completed the basic frame of your submission by the end of the course. It is not expected that you will have completed the entire case study during the course.

Video Course vs 3-day Course

We are running the CFP™ Level 7 Case Study Preparation Course in two formats
– as an interactive course on Zoom over 3 days
– as a video course

The benefits of the video course:

  • enables you to learn at your own pace.
  • you don’t need to take time off as you can time your studies around your other commitments.
  • lower cost option

You will receive the pre-course materials after signup so you can start to prepare immediately.

How do I prepare for the course?

Before you start the video course, you should have read, as a minimum,

  • Your case study
  • The standards that you will be assessed against
  • The sample Case Study
  • The Fellows paper on assumptions

we will provide further guidance when you book the course.

How do you get the most from the course?

Many candidates spend 2 full months preparing to submit their plan. This is not necessary or, in many cases, beneficial.

To get the most from the course we would recommend the following

  • Come prepared (make sure you know you case study thoroughly)
  • Work on your plan during the course
  • Plan exactly what follow up work is required and diarise it

Facilitator: Steve Martin

Cost: We have two options

  • £500 – the ‘no coaching’ -course
  • £650 – includes 2 * 30 min calls
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